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Corresponding Secretary:

Corresponds with the appropriate officer, committee chair, and WSO of all changes to group information and maintains a file of outgoing correspondence.​


Speakers Bureau Coordinator:

Develops a list of members from our area who are willing to speak at a meeting or workshop in our area.  Have a notice put on the website letting anyone looking for a speaker know how to contact the Speakers Bureau Coordinator.

Professional Outreach & Public Information Coordinator:

Contacts agencies for info about health fairs, etc.  Attends or finds people to work a table where they share information about OA.


12th Step Within Coordinator:

Gets direction from WSO about reaching out to individuals or planning workshops dealing with relapse.

Special Events Coordinator:

Shall coordinate with hosting groups to conduct events that will promote the physical, emotional and spiritual recovery of OA members.  Examples include marathons and minithons sponsored and funded by MHIG. 

Recording Secretary:

Shall see that minutes are kept of all Intergroup meetings and that a copy of the minutes is delivered to the intergroup webmaster for publication on the web site.

Website Coordinator

Shall be responsible for maintaining the Mid-Hudson Intergroup website to ensure its access via the internet, ensure that timely updates to the meeting list are provided to reflect meeting changes, along with other website responsibilities.

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