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MHIG PACE Newsletter

Positive Action Changes Everything

Call for Newsletter Articles

We invite you to share your experience, strength, and hope. Let your story help a fellow to recover. We never know what will set another to walk the "road of happy destiny".


You may write on any topic related to your recovery and/or to the OA Program.  Here are some ideas.

  • Tell your story.  Who were you when you first found OA?  How have you changed since then?

  • Share your thoughts on the Steps or Traditions; your favorite, the Step or Tradition of the month, the one that was most difficult and how you got through it.

  • Write about the tools. How do you use them? Write about a tool that you love – or hate.  Does your sponsor require that you use any or all of the tools?  Do you require this from your sponsees?

  • What gifts have you received through Program?

  • Is there an OA slogan that has special meaning for you?

  • Pick a Program related word and write about it.  Examples: gratitude, abstinence, humility.

  • Draw a picture or cartoon.

  • Write a poem.


All submissions to the editor must be signed.  When published, it will appear with first name and last initial unless otherwise requested.  Names will be withheld upon request.


Please send your submissions to our PACE Editor by clicking here.  Submissions may be edited for spelling, grammar, and/or length. 

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