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2020 Upcoming Intergroup Meetings

July 18 - Zoom link:


August 17 - Zoom - Link to follow


September 19 - TBD


October 19 - Zoom - Link to follow 


November 21 - TBD


December 21 - Zoom - Link to follow

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2020 MHIG Upcoming Events

July 19, 3:30-5pm – MHIG Light a Candle Special Event:

                                   What Does It Mean to Be Recovered?

Zoom link:


This meeting takes its name from the Chinese proverb, "It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness". Through shared experience, strength, & hope, we seek to shine a light through the darkness of our illness onto the Spiritual path to recovery.


In that spirit, please join us to hear Melissa C. share on the topic: What does it mean to be recovered? After her share, we will have the opportunity to ask questions about her program, her perceptions on The 12 Steps as presented in The Big Book, and her life as a recovered compulsive overeater.


August 15,16 – Sponsorship Day  (third Weekend of August)

Sponsorship Day is a day to share your appreciation for your sponsor or for the opportunity to give service as a sponsor.


Summer Minithon

Theme: Maintaining Spiritual Fitness                                 

Venue:  TBD - hosted by the Lagrangeville Meeting       

November 21,22 – IDEA: International Day Experiencing Abstinence  (3rd Weekend in November)

This day encourages OA members worldwide to begin or reaffirm their abstinence from compulsive overeating.

Venue: TBD

December 12 – Twelfth-Step-Within Day  (annually on 12/12)

A day to focus on carrying the message to OA members who are in relapse or still suffering from compulsive eating.


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